5S Definition

A 5 level standard for organizing the workplace. The 5 stages (from most disorganized to most organized) are:

  • 1S = “Seiri” = Sort: Separating needed and unnecessary, eliminating unnecessary material
  • 2S = “Seiton” = Store: A place for everything & everything in its place
  • 3S = “Seiso” = Shine: Cleaning: eliminating dirt, make like new
  • 4S = “Seketsu”= Standardize: procedures and responsibilities
  • 5S = “Shitsuke” = Sustain: making compliance automatic, a habit



For more Lean Sigma vocabulary check our glossary.





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  2. details reqd for 5s in Indian Lang.

  3. 5S audit form, other information and templates You may find at: http://smartmanagement.info/