Ed Blickstein

Ed’s career spans 30 years with consulting concentration on supply chain optimization, logistics, transportation, and warehousing career. He has executive experience background in transportation and warehousing providing 3PL contract service solutions. He’s worked in manufacturing, retail and wholesale, pluming products, health care, transportation, consumer goods and electronics, chemicals, building materials, publishing, and automotive parts. Ed is author/compiler of “The Language of Logistics” publication.

Ed’s areas of expertise are:

  • Global strategies around optimizing the supply chain
  • Streamlining and optimization-network design
  • Process improvements, supply chain components of warehousing and transportation
  • Concentrated cost reduction projects
  • Managing outsourcing initiatives for distribution/warehousing (RFP-RFQ) including pricing and contract negotiation, freight/transportation-all modes, carrier programs, dedicated carriage, and private fleet optimization.

Representative Clients: American Standard, Air BP, BASF, Carrier Corp., Honeywell, Batteries Plus, Exide, GNB, Perkin Elmer, Klockner Pentaplast, Banta, The New York Times, Pt. Semen Cibinong, Parksite, Trane, and Yamaha

Education and Associations:

  • BA and Juris Doctor Degrees from the University of Maryland at College Park and Baltimore
  • admitted to the practice of law in the State of Maryland and leverages this training when conducting outsourcing contract negotiations for clients.




John Trestrail

John Trestrail delivers comprehensive consulting services to solve problems, drive out inefficiencies and improve supply chain performance. Using decision sciences methodology, Next Wave enables clients to improve strategic, tactical, and operational decision-making for complex supply chain operations—helping clients reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve customer service—and, ultimately, win more business.

John’s areas of expertise include:

  • Business Process Improvement
  • Supply Chain Strategy
  • Operational Assessment
  • Network Design, Modeling and Optimization
  • Site Selection
  • Transportation Assessment
  • Supply Chain Benchmarking
  • Supply Chain Software Assessment: WMS, TMS, Decision Support

Education and Associations

  • B.A., International Studies (Middle East), Michigan State
  • MBA, Decision Science (analytics), Georgia State University
  • CPIM certified through APICS in SCM, production, and inventory control
  • ASBA certified in cargo brokerage for ocean export.



Bruce Imel

Bruce Imel is a proven consultant in supply chain and technology management, with a successful track record of process improvement and cost reduction through the implementation of best practices in process and technology. Bruce has over ten years of experience in multi-site domestic and international supply chain management experience including responsibility for procurement, production planning, warehousing and distribution of global product line. Proven track record of implementing transformational change in both manufacturing and corporate environments. Successfully managed technology projects that have consistently delivered significant process improvement in the areas of supply chain collaboration, warehouse management, operations, procurement, engineering, plant maintenance and sales order management.

Bruce’s areas of expertise are:

  • Managing multi-site systems implementation of many major business applications: UGS Team Center Engineering, SAP, Cadis PMX, Lotus Notes, AMAPSQ, MSA, CMMS, CanopyConnect
  • Working with non U.S. multinational corporations, including many Japanese owned companies.
  • Broad industry experience that includes process manufacturing, automotive, oil and gas, consumer products and pharmaceuticals.

Representative Clients: NEC, Iron Mountain, Honda, Devon Energy, Johnson & Johnson, BorgWarner and OsramSylvania




Laura Colcord

Laura Colcord has extensive experience in the energy and chemicals industries, which includes corporate and operational transformation, strategic business planning, and business process redesign, especially for supply chain processes. Process redesign work focuses on applying lean principles to process industries and non-manufacturing processes. Lean Transformation experience in chemicals, electronics, health care, financial services, pharmaceutical industries, as well as traditional manufacturing.

Laura’s areas of expertise include:

  • Lean Sigma – providing new tools and paradigms for process transformation
  • Knowledge Management – to support and institutionalize performance transformation
  • Leadership Coaching – designing and driving systematic transformation programs
  • Change Management – ensuring sustainable capability changes that lock in benefits
  • Project Leadership – leading teams to deliver rapid results

Professional Background:

  • Director, Dove Consulting
  • Senior Associate, Booz-Allen & Hamilton
  • Supply Chain Leader, Exxon Chemical Co.

Representative Clients GSK, Raytheon, AlliedSignal, B.F. Goodrich, Delphi, Johnson & Johnson, World Kitchen, Southern Company, Metromedia Restaurant Group

Education and Associations

  • M.B.A., International Business, New York University (Dean’s Award for Scholarship)
  • Fulbright Scholarship, Karlsruhe, Germany
  • B.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Maryland Summa Cum Laude, General Honors, 14 scholarships and awards.




Chad Morrison

Chad Morrison is a Senior Consultant with proven expertise in helping organizations make dramatic improvement in their leadership and business processes. His focus is to accelerate business solutions using Lean Manufacturing and 6 Sigma concepts, ultimately linking these into a strategic focus for rapid, measurable results for impacting business growth.

Chad’s areas of expertise include:

  • Lean Enterprise – Reducing the cycle from customer inquiry to customer order as well as from customer order to delivery of the product.
  • Process Stability – Driving consistent output capability to maximize customer satisfaction.
  • Product Line Profitability – Analysis of business to ensure that emphasis is on selling the most profitable products.
  • Working Capital Reduction – Targeted analysis and process improvement to reduce cash required for operating your business.
  • Support Function Efficiency – Enhancing the efficiency of support function processes.

Professional Background:

  • Senior Consultant, Flow Consulting
  • Executive – General Electric: Power Systems Division, Plastics Division, GE Capital Corporation, GE Corporate Audit Staff

Representative Clients General Electric Company, Johnson & Johnson, Rolls-Royce, SPX Corporation, AlliedSignal, Lockheed Martin, ConEd Solutions, World Kitchen, Brandrud Furniture, Quality Machine Works, Isomag

Education and Associations

  • B.A., Accounting, Siena College




John Connor

John Connor provides support to his clients as an expert in the principles, practices, and implementation of Six Sigma, Lean Enterprise, and the Theory of Constraints. He has implemented improvements in value streams, knowledge-based processes, business enabling processes, manufacturing processes, and supply chains. His practice is worldwide and includes industries such as automotive, aerospace including defense contractors, pharmaceutical, health care, the U.S. Navy, food service, confectionery, and home consumable products.

John ’s areas of expertise include:

  • Lean Enterprise – Training and implementation of Lean, Six Sigma and TOC tools; and, leading and mentoring process improvement projects.
  • Kaizen – Implementing significant process improvement during short, focused events. Most recent event delivered 53 percent footprint reduction and 40 percent productivity improvement.
  • Teams – Coaching to success and transferring the knowledge to sustain and improve the gains.
  • Assessment – Assessing the needs of an organization and identifying high impact improvements for the organization, its customers, and its employees.
  • Leadership – Coaching and mentoring managers to become leaders.

Professional Background:

  • Principal, Continuous Improvement Group, Inc.
  • Cummins Engine Company: Director of Training, Program Manager – New Product Introduction
  • Plant Manager, Diesel ReCon Company, Inc.
  • U.S. Army officer: Military decorations include the Legion of Merit, five Bronze Stars, the Purple Heart, and four Meritorious Service medals.

Representative Clients: U.S. Navy, GlaxoSmithKline, AlliedSignal, Raytheon, Delphi, LockheedMartin, Just Born, Essilor, Litehouse Foods, Derby Industries, Solectron, AstenJohnson, Renault – Nissan, Pechiney, and Ducommun Technologies, Barnes Group

Education and Associations

  • BS, General Engineering, United States Military Academy, West Point
  • MS, Operations Research, Tulane University , New Orleans




Ken Branco

Ken is an accomplished practitioner in the development and implementation of Lean Sigma Enterprises. His experiences span the complete Enterprise, from Sales to Accounts Receivable. In his 30+ years of business experience (15 in consulting and training), Ken has provided management, leadership, consulting and training to dozens of Enterprises, hundreds of teams, and several thousand individuals. His consulting career has spanned Enterprises from 20 people to the Fortune 50. Ken has deep and varied Lean Sigma experience in readiness assessment, transformation plan development, plant and office layout, work analysis and balancing, constraint identification and removal, business process redesign, Kaizen, setup reduction, materials, individual and organizational development. His industry experience includes aerospace and defense, automotive, legal firms, electronics, machining, metal casting and rolling, woodworking, pharmaceuticals, glass, power plants and health care. Ken has led projects resulting in lead time reductions of 50+ %, productivity improvements of 40%, business process improvements of 50%, and space reductions of 60%. Ken is highly regarded for his teaching and mentoring skills. He has consistently been among the top rated instructors in large engagements. Ken has taught and/or mentored Lean Sigma students in Asia, Australia, South and North America. Many of these engagements are comprised of students from multiple countries and cultures.

Ken’s areas of expertise are:

  • Manufacturing and Automation Engineering
  • Synchronous Manufacturing
  • Time Based Management
  • Information Systems, and Management
  • Production and Inventory Management
  • Total Quality, Organizational Systems Design
  • Lean, Six Sigma in non manufacturing businesses – health care, professional services, education

Professional Background:

  • Owner, R.E.V.V. International
  • co-founder of Lean Sigma Institute with the Connecticut Business and Industry Association
  • Managing Consultant, Time Based Management, ABB
  • Director, Manufacturing Systems, Combustion Engineering
  • Manager, Integrated Programs, Motorola Codex
  • Principal Engineer, Manufacturing Technology, Codex

Publications Ken Has Authored Several Articles and Two Books:

  • PowerTools! Volume One: Collaboration and Teamwork (1995)
  • PowerTools! Volume Two: Turning Problems into Profits (1995)
  • Bubble Bursting (article, Executive Excellence, 1996)
  • Making Traffic Flow I and II: Implementing the Technical and Social sides of Lean (articles, Valve Magazine 2000)

Education and Associations:

  • B.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Massachusetts at North Dartmouth
  • Member of APICS, and the Connecticut Business and Industry Association
  • In 2000, Ken was the only non-member to be awarded the Valve Manufacturers Association Special Service Award. This prestigious award is given to individuals who demonstrate exceptional value to the organization over a period of years.




Robert J. Schaffer

Bob has had a diverse logistics, transportation, and finance career spans 24 years with concentration on supply chain projects including network design and cost analysis (total cost from sourcing + manufacturing + inventory + distribution + transportation = total landed cost). He has 3PL background in finance and operations, most modes of transportation, providing solutions to a variety of manufacturers, food service companies, consumer goods distribution companies, and wholesale distribution of paper products, and building materials. Industries and sectors served include: manufacturing, retail and wholesale distribution, plumbing products, chemicals (dry bulk and liquid), gases, printing and newspaper, automotive aftermarket, building materials, consumer goods including electronics, healthcare, and has worked with 3PLs including distribution and transportation providers.

Bob’s areas of expertise are:

  • Supply chain network analysis
  • Global strategies
  • Lean logistics
  • Distribution-warehousing optimization
  • Inventory/demand analysis and solutions
  • Transportation optimization and cost reduction projects
  • Supply Chain cost and financial analysis
  • TMS/WMS software selection, benchmarking, customer service requirements and best practices
  • Developing cost and distribution models
  • Managing outsourcing initiatives (RFP-RFQ) including pricing analysis, and evaluation of distribution alternatives.

Representative Clients: American Standard, Batteries Plus, Master Builders/BASF, Honeywell, Exide/GNB Battery, Integrated Supply Network, Perkin Elmer, Parksite Group, Trane Company, Carrier Corp., Klockner Pentaplast, Rubbermaid, and the New York Times

Education and Associations

  • BSB degree in Administration and Finance from the University of Minnesota




Larry Loucka

Larry is a Certified Supply Chain Professional, Lean Sigma Master Black Belt, Mentor, and Trainer. He has extensive industry experience in logistics, warehousing and dock operations, integrating MRP II and Kanban, inventory optimization, supplier development, demand management, visual workplace, kaizen, quick changeover, operational analysis, strategy, and accelerated change management.

Larry’s areas of expertise include:

  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Inventory Planning & Analysis
  • Operations & Materials Management
  • Master Scheduling & Demand Management, Demand Segmentation
  • Business Analysis: Sourcing, Vendor Management, Due Diligence
  • Logistics Planning, Network Modeling & Optimization
  • Warehousing Operations, Layout, Slotting
  • Materials Management: Safety Stock, Kanban & Heijunka
  • Process Improvement: Lean & Six Sigma, Hoshin
  • Management: Interim Staffing, Turnaround, Organizational Development, Training

Professional Background:

  • Principal, Resource Systems Group, LLC
  • VP Supply Chain, United Technologies, Norcross, Georgia
  • Supplier Development Manager, ERP Manager, Quality Manager with Ensign-Bickford, Simsbury, Connecticut
  • Quality Engineer with Pfizer, and Ford Motor Company

Representative Clients: AlliedSignal, Honeywell, Glaxo, Raytheon, Delphi, World Kitchen, L3, Sypris Electronics, U.S. Air Force, AstenJohnson, Barnes Group, Toyota, Syncrude

Education and Associations:

  • BS Materials Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY
  • Certified Supply Chain Professional (APICS)
  • Lean Sigma Master Black Belt (Lean Alliance)
  • Certified Quality System Auditor (American Society for Quality)