LeanSigma Green Belt Training

Flow Consulting clients have often requested us to put together a Green Belt LeanSigma class, and we now have enough demand to guarantee the minimum number of students.  So we are partnering with one of our key clients, Gulf States Toyota, to run the class this fall. Course Objectives: Provide a fundamental understanding of LeanSigma […]

Material Classification Logic

Bruce asked “Do any of you have any standard material classification logic that you have used.  I’m working with a client to classify all of the parts they purchase.  In the past I’ve used some standards from NAPM but I can’t seem to find them now on the ISM site.” I thought for a moment […]

Helping Organizations OPT for Change

Guest author Carmen Brickner of CLEARbrick, Inc. “Managing change” is an oxymoron. And anything with ‘moron’ in it can’t be good for the bottom line! We can’t manage change because we can’t anticipate and control all the variables that are yet to present themselves. And we can’t make people change because each of us has […]

Fractal Project Management

by Dave Jenkins So, we’ve all disparaged Waterfall software development as overly cumbersome and simply undoable in today’s go-go world. Agile came along and promised to tighten everything up, but in reality most people just say the words ‘agile’ and they really mean ‘cram waterfall methods into 2 week segments’. (”Manifesto“? Really? The last guys […]


Met with Dan Basmajian, Chuck Grissom, Tim Riehl, Sheila Benny of Optricity today for a software demo and discussion on their OptiSlot functionality.  OptiSlot is one of a number of warehouse item slotting packages on the market.  Most (all?) current WMS packages can do slotting, the question is how well.   OptiSlot addresses the complexities of […]

What’s next?

“So how’s business?” said  the supply chain CEO fishing around for a sense of where I thought the economy and consulting world is headed.  In the past I would have said consultants get real busy during a down turn when leadership still needs to deliver but hasn’t the staff they once had.  This cycle seems […]


In most warehouses the material handlers travel empty more than 60% of the time.  Long pick paths and poor product placement can make labor even more inefficient.  Slotting your warehouse based on travel distance and customer demand can save 5-10% on labor.  When handling issues, product groups, order patterns are factored in an additional 3-5% […]

Supply Chain Guru

Supply Chain design studies often target understanding the impact of new sourcing options such as switching suppliers, opening or closing facilities, new product line introductions, or business acquisition integration.  Each opportunity has potentially great financial advantage, but also carries risks as well.  The task then is to understand and quantify the risk – reward trade […]

Slotting Defined

  In warehouses, distribution centers, or even stores the placement of each item can be a science, sometimes it’s an art, often it just is what it is.  Stuff goes wherever it will fit, entropy kicks in and randomness takes over.  Then before you know it there’s little rhyme or reason as to which items […]

Inventory Reduction, Now Selling 20 Ideas

Cut the package size, customers may want less right now. Increase the package size, customers will take what they can get. Have a 2 for 1 sale. Bundle a slow mover with something else. Change the safety stock service level from 98% (or where ever you have it) to 95%. Reduce the number of A […]