Prepare for the recovery before it’s too late

Dave Jones and Pierre Loewe write in Chief Executive Magazine … Discontinuities are big, foundational shifts which have the potential to fundamentally change the rules of the game. They occur when trends from different areas combine, resulting in game-changing, long-lasting modifications to the external landscape. If you can identify them earlier and exploit them better […]

Process Improvement in a Down Economy

Many business leaders fail to see the opportunities that an economic downturn provides.  To take advantage of opportunities you first need to make a rapid assessment of your vulnerabilities and then move quickly to minimize them.  Advantage can be gained by using process improvement tools to increase profitability and competitiveness: Drive out waste through Lean […]

Tale of Two Business Systems

by James Womack In the fall of 1990, Dan Jones, Dan Roos, and I co-authored The Machine That Changed the World, our description of lean enterprise. On page 253 we forecast that 1991 or 1992 would be the moment of crisis as the full power of lean (represented by Toyota) threatened to topple mass production […]

2006 Economic Outlook

Ted Daywalt, CEO and President of VetJobs Veteran Eagle offers his 2006 economic outlook in the latest issue of VetJobs monthly newsletter. Daywalt predicts that the coming year will see an employement seller’s market as labor shortages grow. While this is certainly true for long haul truck drivers we haven’t seen much of a recovery […]