Inventory Reduction, Now Selling 20 Ideas

Cut the package size, customers may want less right now. Increase the package size, customers will take what they can get. Have a 2 for 1 sale. Bundle a slow mover with something else. Change the safety stock service level from 98% (or where ever you have it) to 95%. Reduce the number of A […]


Check out Annals of Medicine: The Checklist by Atul Gawande in the Dec. 10. 2007 edition of The New Yorker for an insightful exploration of the medical application of one of the most basic of quality tools – the checklist.  I was astounded to learn that checklists aren’t a common practice in one of the […]

W. Edwards Deming

Pioneer in Quality Philosophy, W. Edwards Deming is widely held to have been one of the leaders who helped create the Total Quality Movement. Deming’s 14 points and his book “Out of the Crisis” are key documents in the development of Quality Systems for Business management. Dr. Deming is best known for his revolution in […]

Continuous Improvement

Definition: The management discipline to constantly eliminate waste, improve response time, simplify the design of both products and processes, and thereby improve quality, customer service, and value. Continuous Improvement is a phrase suggesting that a process or product should always get better as knowledge about it and experience with it accumulates over time. It is […]

Reflections on the Future of Quality

Courtesy of Quality Progress, Dave Watkins writes in Reflections on the Future of Quality that: The quality management system lags behind evolving concepts of organizational excellence; The quality function needs to focus on deliverables and their contribution to value; Quality, as a management system objective, is really about excellence and must characterize the enterprise as […]