Warehouse Zoning

A technique for laying out warehouse storage which seeks to minimize “pick” travel time by grouping the most used items closest to their point of use.




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  1. Hello friends
    Well i need your help. I am working in a Air conditioner manufacturing firm in Spares store and planning dept. I am given to design a layout for the spares stores which contains 1500 different Ac spares items. Based on the dispatches and demand of the spare parts, I have to design the racking system in such a way that inventory waste, delay in processing of a particular dispatch order is minimized and also man-power is minimized. Currently there is no proper layout of spares store. non moving inventory is occupying too much of rack space and everything is done manually. Identifying and locating particular item in rack is also very difficult. So I want some fresh ideas regarding how should i proceed with the layout which could optimize my manpower, processing time and inventory. Please suggest me some good reference book for such layout along with how to decide the placement of items in rack.


    1. Priyanka,

      Can you give some idea of volume and dimensions? Do the parts come and go every day or do they sit in stock for weeks with little activity? This would be an ABC Analysis. Are these small parts, or a mix of sizes? This would be part of a Slotting Analysis. Heavy parts are near the floor, small parts are in bins, high use parts are in the front, slow use parts are in the back, very high use parts are in flow racks (incline rollers, load from the back, pick from the front).

      World-Class Warehousing and Material Handling by Edward Frazelle
      Warehouse Management: A Complete Guide to Improving Efficiency and Minimizing Costs in the Modern Warehouse by Gwynne Richards
      Warehouse Management Handbook by James A. Tompkins

  2. well lawrence thanks for replying.

    Well I have no idea regarding the area and dimensionns. This store has very little importance over here as this is a spares sotres. so there is no layout ever designed for it. Currently from last 2 years, this spares store came into existence. Well the items are of mixed sizes starting from tiny parts like screws, electrical parts, controllers PCBS to Huge coils and compressors. Moreover there is no ABC clasification done for the spares stores. If you want I can sent you the pictures of my stores which can give you the idea regarding the area and current layout.
    What I have done till now is, based on the last 2 years dispatches, I have identified and classified the items into slow moving, medium moving ,slow moving and non moving items category wise. (categories like- plastic part, electrical parts, rubber parts, fans, motors, coils, SM part and all) moreover also have identified the sizes of the items. next whant I want to do is have to decide the placement of the items in the existing rack in such a way that pick up time of items is reduced, it is easy in identifying the location of items in racks.moreover also need to decide the packing, loading ready to dispatch zones for the items.
    Hope its quite clear to you regarding what I want to do.
    Can you suggest me which way items can be placed as per the category and how to decide the zone.

  3. well basically for airconditioner manufacturing firm, the peak season is in in sumer. so the dispatch is more in summer. Based on the categorization I have done i.e Fast moving, medium moving and slow moving. The fast moving are once which will be dispatched till 1 year. medium moving. from 1-2 years and all dispatched once in 3 or 7 years are slow moving. Here the spares policy is that items have to be kept for 7 years from the last production date of the machine. so for seven years that have to be kept in spares stores

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