It’s time for Hoshin: Annual Operating Plan

Well its getting to be that time of year again… What did I promise to deliver this year, what do we need to do next year?


The annual operating plan sometimes is developed and displayed using the X-Matrix.  Establish the results of goals for next year, take the strategies and tie them to tactics, make sure the tactics can be measured (targets) and have individuals assigned ownership of tactics and targets.


Little gets done without marching orders, i.e. a Charter.  The basic document of the hoshin process is the team charter. The A3 format connects the targets (goals) to the tactics and provides another level of critical thinking about execution.  The team charter is a contact between the company to  provide support and resources and the team and team members to do the hard work of problem solving, applying the scientific method, and running experiments on the management operating system.


What gets measured gets better, and so we set plans and track key performance indicators.

Ready to make your hoshin for next year?




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