2006 Economic Outlook

Networking BallTed Daywalt, CEO and President of VetJobs Veteran Eagle offers his 2006 economic outlook in the latest issue of VetJobs monthly newsletter. Daywalt predicts that the coming year will see an employement seller’s market as labor shortages grow. While this is certainly true for long haul truck drivers we haven’t seen much of a recovery in high tech or telecom. Anyway the list is worth reflecting on.

  1. Labor shortages will become very acute and painful for companies.
  2. Competition for qualified workers by employers will intensify.
  3. Labor shortages will force employers to seek non-traditional employees.
  4. Employers will make greater use the Internet for recruiting.
  5. There will be a greater acceptance of flexible work by employers.
  6. Employers will put greater emphasis on employee training and retention.
  7. Job hopping will accelerate in the first half of the year.
  8. Retirement as we know it will change.
  9. Sending some jobs off-shore will continue, but more jobs will be coming to the United States.
  10. Out-sourcing of jobs from union states to non-union states will continue.
  11. The immigrant labor issue will have to be resolved to keep the United States competitive.
  12. Political correctness and EEOC policies will have to change to retain employees.
  13. Employers will become increasingly dissatisfied with public schools.





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