Logistics Network Model

New trade agreements, shifting customer and supplier locations, changing labor and freight rates, fuel costs, new products and markets all conspire to make your current logistic network obsolete.  Gone are […]

Table top simulation – dock operations

Simulation is the act of imitating or mimicking the behavior of some situation or some process by means of something suitably analogous.  The imitation of a process can be used […]

Tips for warehouse sizing

Tips for warehouse sizing: Don’t get fooled by “averages” Consider using statistical tools, such as standard deviation, and P.90 probability to analyze operational data – both in and out bound […]

Safety Stock Optimization

Many of you are looking for a correct, comprehensive safety-stock calculation. My company’s approach is based on more than 15 years of development and testing. As we have learned through […]

Walmart Sustainable Product Index

Why do you think Walmart is asking these questions of their 100,000 suppliers? Can you answer these questions by October 1, 2009? How much staff time will it take to […]

Simplified Systematic Network Planning – step 5

STEP 5: EVALUATE ALTERNATIVES In Step 5, the planner evaluates the network plans developed in Step 4 by running several alternative scenarios. Evaluation takes two forms: • Cost analysis – […]

Simplified Systematic Network Planning – step 3

STEP 3: ANALYZE SENSITIVITIES In Step 3, the planner runs the model using optimization software; identifies any infeasibilities, and then troubleshoots. Once free from infeasibilities, the planner runs and fine […]