Supply Chain Atlanta Roundtable

American Society of Transportation & Logistic and Supply Chain Atlanta Roundtable panel discussion with top industry specialist Chris Barnes, Mike Cutone & Stephanie Harper. American International University @ Dunwoody will host a lunch and learn session on January 27 about the future of logistics and transportation in Atlanta in conjunction with Supply Chain Atlanta. The lunch will include a panel discussion of networking and job search “how to’s” for the supply chain professional. In addition to learning where networking happens around Atlanta, what employers are seeking today and industry trends, discussions will also center around efforts to bring more logistics companies to Atlanta in order to bring additional jobs and revenue to the area as well as updates on the Atlanta Chapter of the American Society of Transportation and Logistics.

The American Society of Transportation and Logistics is the recognized Professional Certification for those in the fields of Transportation and Logistics. The Society is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia with chapters in various US cities. Mr. Chris Barnes, President of Warehouse Education Research Council of Atlanta, editor of Supply Chain Atlanta Networking and networking guru for MercerBarnes Associates will serve as a panelist for this discussion. Mr. Barnes has over 13 years experience in supply chain management ranging from industrial engineer for a manufacturing concern, big 5 consulting, and solution selling. Mr. Barnes currently helps companies in the South improve labor productivity in distribution centers using voice recognition applications with Voxware. Other panelists include Mike Cutone and Stephanie Harper.

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