Supporting another person by sharing knowledge and experience in an area is mentoring. For example, an experienced executive might coach a new manager in the art of leadership. Mentoring derives its name from Ancient Greek mythology when Odysseus left Mentor to look after his household while he fought the Trojan wars. Mentor was charged with raising Odysseus’s son Telemachus in the ways of wisdom. Mentors:

  • Focus on helping the learner to develop their abilities
  • Act as a knowledgeable friend
  • Listen and challenge assumptions
  • Question to encourage a wider view and range of learning and experimentation
  • Provide openings for change and autonomy
  • Let the learner own and direct the relationship
  • Help someone, having no hidden agenda, with their personal or, professional career development
  • Create a safe arena in which a trusting relationship can develop
  • Maximize the learner’s internal resources
  • Can learn to be more effective

Here are a few good references:

The Elements of Mentoring Managers and MentorsMentors-Guide




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