Leader’s Job


The leader’s job is to drive the bus;

  • Get the right people on the bus
  • Get the wrong people off the bus
  • Make sure the right people are in the right seats
  • Get people to stay in their seats
  • Know where the bus is going
  • Know when to look in the mirror
  • Be committed to getting the bus to its destination
  • Provide resources to ensure trip’s success



One Reply to “Leader’s Job”

  1. And what about:
    – Arrive on time :
    – Safely for his/her passengers and people around
    – With no harm for the bus
    – Consuming as little fuel as possible
    – Respect all regulations (traffic lights, speed limits…)
    – Have all documentation (licence, reg…)
    – Inform passengers in real-time of any issue.

    Just proposing 😉

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