When asked recently to recommend reference books on Kanban here’s what I came up with…

https://i0.wp.com/ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51UInQwB3GL._SL500_.jpg?resize=165%2C250 Custom Kanban

Kanban for the Shopfloor is a straightforward implementation instruction manual.  The language is plain and simple.  The implementation checklist is complete.  Kanban Just-In-Time at Toyota is a translation of a book published by the Japanese Management Association in 1986 and is based on the seminars given by Taiichi Ohno to Toyota suppliers.  The language is a bit rough in places, but the concepts are presented in logical manner.  The philosophical parts may not play well with factory workers, the prior book would be a better choice.  Custom Kanban by Ray Louis comprehensive, detailed, and well written.  The methodical approach offers some 20 design options for adapting the kanban tools to a variety of situations.  This work is invaluable for implementers.  All three works can be found at Amazon and Productivity Press.

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