OptricityMet with Dan Basmajian, Chuck Grissom, Tim Riehl, Sheila Benny of Optricity today for a software demo and discussion on their OptiSlot functionality.  OptiSlot is one of a number of warehouse item slotting packages on the market.  Most (all?) current WMS packages can do slotting, the question is how well.   OptiSlot addresses the complexities of slotting by utilizing proprietary deterministic optimization algorithms using product’s dimensions, weight, velocity, physical characteristics of  the storage environment including slot configurations, pick path and material handling equipment, and operational goals like pallet building, seasonality requirements and retail groupings.  Facility set up and configuration isn’t trivial, although integration via XML API will make ongoing slot monitoring reliable and repeatable.

OptiSlot allows a multitude of user defined hierarchical rules in addition to a standard set of priority settings.  What-if scenarios with alternate comparisons looked good as well as building the stock relocation plans based on resources available and calendar window, a nice touch for the busy warehouse supervisor.

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