Total Landed Cost Project Plan

Let’s see, DMADV should work …

Define Form a small team and agree on the goals of the project in a written charter with the sponsor, customers, and stakeholders. The overall intent should be clear. Deliverables and milestones should be established.  Cross functional turf issues should be addressed up front.
Measure Quantify the customer needs as well as the goals of management.  Determine “What will project success look like and how will we know?”
Analyze Each of the cost categories of Price, Transportation, Customs, Inventory, Overhead, and Risks need to be mapped and taken to another level of detail. For each element we need to study the inputs, outputs, alternatives, existing reporting processes to determine the accuracy and timeliness.
Design Create, test,and document the new data collection and reporting process
Verify Confirm by sensitivity testing, simulation or otherwise, the performance of the total landed cost reporting design and its ability to meet the target needs




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