Simplified Systematic Network Planning – step 6

Step 6 details and implements the network plan selected in Step 5. If the purpose of the network planning project is simply to conduct and analysis and make a presentation, no actual changes will be planned. When actual changes will be made, the planner first prepares a Gantt chart of the implementation schedule in the Detail and Do worksheet


The Gantt chart serves as a communication tool, outlining the tasks needed to change the network, the person(s) responsible for each task and the scheduled time for the task to be undertaken. Actual implementation is done by professionals in the field. But it is always good for the network planner to be involved in this process to track the changes, build credibility, and confirm the effectiveness of the recommendation.

Post implementation audits capture actual saving from changes to the network. The Detail and Do worksheet provides a section for the planner to measure the variances between the projected and actual savings and to explain them. This is especially important in understanding why the model did or did not result in the expected savings and provides useful lessons for future modeling efforts. In our example, fuel price increases eliminated half the projected savings. Given this impact the planners should probably include fuel price projections in future models of this type.




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