Improve Turnaround Outage Duration: Parallel Planning


Outage readiness is better when all the right people give and receive input at the earliest effective date; bust the silos, jump the walls, and use parallel planning …

  • Everyone shares the goal of being ready to go fast (and safely) when the outage begins, so we’ll benefit from bringing the right people together to ensure we have the right inputs and everyone is working from the same plan
  • Close to the shutdown date many key decisions are made and people from a lot of groups are preparing – they all need to be in sync
  • Hear one message and one answer to key questions, and those with input have a channel for sharing


What’s different with parallel planning?

  • Draft schedule available earlier; honest, because when developed in parallel there’s less rework
  • Earlier involvement of key contractors learning about plans and schedules and giving input on what will work
  • Greater turnaround leader and scheduler interaction
  • Earlier involvement and input from all support groups
  • Wider understanding of preparation and externalization efforts
  • More focus on any scope changes that occur inside of the gate reviews due to greater exposure to the plan and schedule

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