Improve Turnaround Outage Duration: Command Center

“Command Center” brings up images of NASA or maybe a natural disaster response team.  For a large planned maintenance turnaround the furniture and technology may be different but the concepts are much the same. The command center is the place where the outage leader directs the resources of the turnaround.  To do this successfully:

  • The Plan is available for all, and is easy to understand
  • Status of all work is constantly up to date and where exceptions, deviations stand out
  • Missing or stale information is obvious, as is who is responsible
  • Information ownership, source, and ‘freshness’ is easy to see
  • Deviations have pre-planned countermeasures clearly displayed
  • Information gets updated before or after not during meetings
  • When the critical path inevitably changes a new plan is in place in minutes not hours

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