Scientific Method and Kata

Kata: What is the challenge? Where are we now? What’s our next target? What do we have to learn next; our next experiment?











Scientific Method is the systematic observation, measurement, experimentation, formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses.

Improvement Kata is the repeated practicing a pattern to learn a skill and way of thinking, to become second nature, with little conscious effort.

The Scientific Method is the basis for the Deming Cycle (Shewhart) and Plan-Do-Check-Act.

  • Question
  • Hypothesis
  • Prediction
  • Testing
  • Analysis
  • Modify hypothesis, or Conclusion

Kata examples include: swimming, riding a bicycle, driving a car. Mastery through repetition. We can do these things without thinking about them. For lean management, building this automatic habit comes from repetition of …

  1. Understand the Direction (next challenge, goal, target condition)
  2. Grasp the Current Condition, and Obstacles
  3. Establish the Next Step (next target condition)
  4. Go See what we have learned
  5. Rinse and repeat


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