Kamishibai – Work Observation Card

Kamishibai or Work Observation Card is a management tool for starting and improving Leader Standard Work,. Kamishibai, in Japanese means …. paper drama and has come to mean, in the Lean world, a self audit or observation and reflection.  Kamishibai Cards are checklists carried by leaders as part of their standard work as a way to make their work more visible and open to review and self-learning. Kamishibai can be a large display board, or a small workplace or office posting. Here we have a type of kamishibai for leaders, managers, supervisors who may not have an office or a single workplace. Field service managers, leaders covering many sites, or large facilities may not be able to have a ‘war room’ or community space to display their work. None the less these checklist can be shared with workers and peers as part of leadership coaching and team-based problem solving.

Here’s are examples of Leader Standard Work Observation Cards we’ve used.

Kamishibai - work observation card Kamishibai - work observation card



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